Topgas UAB (Topgas Ltd.) was registered at State Register of Legal entities of the Republic of Lithuania on 11, AUG, 2011. The Company‘s Identification Code is 302655630. The authorized (share) capital is EUR 2 756 992. The Company is ruled by General Meeting of Shareholders, Management Board and Chief Executive Officer. Registered office address – 5-104, Lukiškių str., LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania.


Topgas Ltd. has property in Slavinčiškio village, Kupiškis district:

  • Gas fueling station (area of ​​leased land – 9.2 hectare up to 2095 year);
  • Gas station (GS) (area of ​​leased land –0.2 hectare up to 2095 year);
  • Railway line to the Filling station No 21 (212 m) and No 20 (430 m).

The main activity of the company:

  • wholesale of liquefied petroleum gas in cisterns;
  • wholesale of liquefied petroleum gas in cylinders;
  • retail trade of the liquid petroleum gas in cylinders;
  • delivery of liquefied petroleum gas consumers;

Topgas Ltd. sells Liquefied petroleum gas not just into domestic market, but also exports it to Poland, Latvia and other EU countries.

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