Gas station characteristics:

  • Status – excise.
  • Tank volumes and number  – 18х100 m3, 2x50 m3.
  • Total volume - 1900 m3 .
  • Tankage – 900 tons.
  • Transhipment power (one shift) – 2 500–3 000 tons. per month.
  • Evacuation – 7 tanks in 10 hours.
  • Device for Filling cylinders – 4 units.
  • Performance Cylinder Filling – 1,7 tons./hour.

Service Gas Stations in Kupiškis:

  • Wholesale of Liquefied petroleum gas;
  • Retail trade in Liquefied petroleum gas;
  • Trade in Liquefied petroleum gas for road transport;

* Gas Station – Slavinčiškio village, Kupiškio ward., Kupiškio region Municipality;

  • trade in liquefied petroleum gas in cylinders:

*Gas filling stations – Slavinčiškio village, Kupiškio ward., Kupiškio region Municipality;
*Gas Station – Slavinčiškio village, Kupiškio ward, Kupiškio region Municipality;
*Gas Delivery throughout the area of Kupiškis;

  • Ensuring (at extra charge) Delivery of Liquefied petroleum gas (in cisterns and gas cylinders ) to the Consumers, connecting Gas cylinders;
  • Storage of Liquefied petroleum gas at Excise Warehouse;
  • Technical Examination (test), Repair, Maintenance of gas cylinders;
  • Gas Emergency Service.

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