Gas cylinders maintenance and repair

Gas appliances

Install and Service gas Appliances by a Qualified service person.

Understand the difference between LPG and Natural gas appliances.

Maintain Gas meters and Pressure regulators in a safe condition and free from damage.

Lighten a Match or Press ignition button before turning on your gas burner.

Your gas burner should produce a blue flame.

Call a technician if the flame is yellow or red. 

Store Flammable items away from your gas appliances.

Switch Gas appliances off when sleeping or leaving home. 

Keep outdoor gas appliances outside, Not using them indoors.

Gas cylinders should be maintained in an upright position and not exceed 9kg when transported in a car. 
Connect or disconnect cylinders away from a naked flame or ignition source.
Store cylinders in the shade away from direct sunlight.
Dented or damaged cylinders should be returned to your Supplier.
Ensure your gas cylinder is tested and stamped by a qualified service person at least every 10 years. 
Replace cracked or damaged hoses (if unsure of how to do it or whether safe call a Qualified Technician).
Cylinders for household use should not be filled with automotive LPG.

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